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Pastoral Ministries

Our Clergy: Vicar, The Reverend Amber Sturgess

                                                            Deacon, The Reverend Mary Norquist Hinse

Pastoral Care Team:

The Pastoral Care Team at St. George’s is a ministry team made up of lay ministers each of whom has his or her own ministry. Additionally, there are members who are in discernment about their call to ministry and attend our meeting as part of that discernment. At the meetings we give brief updates about our lives and then share ministry stories – those which are particularly difficult or are puzzling and those which give us joy. All the members join in affirmation and support to the minister who shared the story. All are invited to participate in prayer for our own concerns, new prayer requests, and the folks for whom we are in continual prayer. We ask for God’s blessing on our various ministries. At the end of the meeting we address any business items and our next meeting. The Pastoral Care Team is a resource for the congregation in healing prayer, home visitation, special needs projects, and any concern that involves pastoral care or healing ministry. All are welcome and encouraged to attend, whether involved in ministry already, discerning a call to ministry, or just curious as to what the Team is all about.

For more information contact Deacon  Mary Norquist Hinse.

Healing Ministry:

The Healing Ministry Team is a group of dedicated parishioners who minister to those in need of prayers for healing both at home and at church. During the Eucharist in the worship service people are invited to step to the back of the church where there are kneelers and one or several healing ministers ready to listen and pray. If the person wishes, there is oil for anointment. Prayers are also offered for those who are not able to be present at the request of a friend or family member.

The Healing Ministers who are also Visiting Eucharistic Ministers may take Communion out to those who need prayers at home for illness or other crisis situations which prevent the member from attending church. Prayers may be offered at home by a Healing Minister without Communion as well.

The Healing Ministry Team is part of the Pastoral Care Team who meet every other month to support and pray for each other and those who we love. All are invited to join, it is not necessary to be a licensed Visiting Minister. All baptized Christians are called to pray for each other in mutual support and love.

Lay Eucharistic Visitors:

Are lay members of  the congregation, in good standing, licensed by the Bishop to carry the Sacrament to the sick and homebound.  They are part of a larger team of pastoral care providers in our community. Through their ministry of listening, caring, and presence they serve as a representative of the whole body of Christ. Through their presence, they bring the love, hope and prayers of the church to those in need. At its heart, this is what it means to be a Eucharistic Visitor.

If you feel called to this ministry please contact Deacon Mary Norquist Hinse at 925-451-5950.

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"Preach the Kingdom of God and heal the sick."

                                                                                                                                                                                      Luke 9:2

“The healing ministry is for all who seek a

  closer relationship with God; for all who

  seek to grow in grace and knowledge of

  Him.  Christ is a healing Savior who heals

  all brokenness in every area of our lives.”

 The Rev. Emily Gardiner Neal