Saint George’s

Episcopal Church

301 East Thirteenth Street, Antioch, CA 94509


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Ministries Behind The Scenes


Building and Grounds

Members who are interested in serving the
parish by caring for buildings and garden and yard.

Bishop’s Committee

The Bishop's Committee is a group of lay people elected from and by the congregation, for a maximum term of 3 years, as the governing board of our church. They acts as representatives and leaders who oversee and develop strategies for managing the day to day life and long range goals of Saint George’s. The Bishop’s Committee also guides and coordinates the church subcommittees. The Bishop's Committee members are elected at the annual parish meeting held during January each year.

Office / Administrative Volunteers

Stewardship / Finance Committee

treasurer and stewardship chair;
fundraiser coordinator; and other interested members

Communications and Media Team

webmaster; newsletter coordinator;
phone tree coordinators; bulletin coordinator; and other interested

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